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COVID-19 Update

Because we truly do care about you, our members, and care about your health and well being, myself and our leadership team feel a responsibility to do everything we possibly can do to keep this ugly virus from spreading in our gym. Starting this week you will see a few additional precautions and all of our staff enforcing the current and the new guidelines daily more strictly. We are also adding an additional hour of cleaning when we will be closed to disinfect, sanitize, and clean everything in the gym. Our new weekday hours will be 5:50-10am: open to workout, 10-11am: disinfecting and sanitizing everything in facility, 11-2pm: open to workout, 2-3pm: closed to clean and disinfect, 3-7pm: open to workout, 7pm: closed to clean, disinfect and prepare for next day. Thank you for your support, your membership, your friendships and your loyalty to yours and our “Weight Club”.

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