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Corporate Information

Blacksburg Health and price for viagra Fitness at the Weight Club is a full service health and fitness facility, viagra offering a variety of programs and equipment.  We are a non-profit fitness facility and have been serving the New River Valley for over 20 years.

One of the programs we offer is a corporate fitness program.  Offering a health and fitness program to your employees can be very beneficial.  Studies have shown employees who participate in a fitness program have increased energy levels, viagra buy better productivity, less sick days, and a more positive attitude.  It has also been proven that companies who offer corporate fitness programs have reduced healthcare cost, a more positive atmosphere in the workplace, a healthier workplace, and reduced employee absenteeism.

Our corporate memberships are very flexible. The company can pay all of, a portion of, or none of the membership fees. Some companies choose to pay half, some pay all if the employee uses the viagra without prescription facility, and some help organize and set up the program, but the membership fees are the employees responsibilities.  We can provide the company with employee participation figures, in other words we can let you know how often each employee checks in a month.  Regardless of how the company sets up the membership, all we ask for is a 6 month minimum commitment.

We will also come onsite and do fitness screenings including body composition, blood pressure, flexibility,  and muscle endurance.  We can provide employees with corporate information and actually sign them up on the worksite if that is preferred.

Corporate Membership Rates


The discount does not apply to goods or services. Only 1 discount can be applied to a membership.