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Misc. Rates:

Visitor Passes
Daily rate – $10
Weekly – $30
10 visit pass – $70

Locker & Towel Service
Locker Service per year: $45.00 (small) $60 (medium) $100 (large)
Towel Service: $50.00 per year
Locker & Towel: Locker fee plus $30.00 per year

Student Rates: 2017 – 2018 Academic Year

Fall Semester Only – 8/20/17 – 12/21/17: $149
Fall + Spring Semesters – 8/20/17 – 5/12/18: $269
Calendar Year – expires one year after join date: $359
For any student that joins prior to August 20th, the prorated cost is $1 day up until then
ie: join on 8/9 for fall semester only, pay $160 ($11 + $149)
Must have a valid student ID to get these rates!

* All rates are based on a one year or a three month minimum enrollment in EFT (electronic fund transfer) from checking or credit account and buy cialis generic online must be done on site. EFT memberships do not automatically stop. You must cancel them before the 20th of the month prior to which you want the EFT to stop.
Family rate includes those in immediate family, children 19 and under. Family members can add on to a membership for $22 per month. The add-on rate changes to $18 per month when three months or more are purchased. This cannot extend past the original membership’s ending date. Couples must be married. All others must have individual membership.

Senior citizens 59 and over receive a 10% discount on their membership.
The discount does not apply to goods or services. Only 1 discount can be applied to a membership.


No Initiation Fees!