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Fitness Q & A

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“It’s not about touching your toes but what you learn on the way down.”

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“There’s nobody built like you, capsule you design yourself.”

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“Follow your breath.”


Archive of Most Frequently Asked Questions and lowest price viagra Facts

Fitness Facts


Fact: This fallacy claims that spot reduction is possible with high repetition exercise, try something that has never been shown to occur at all by any research. Exercise and a decrease in caloric intake will trim your waist.


Fact: No Pain, no gain, is a misguided view that medical research has firmly denounced. It should be rephrased no effort, no pain. The point is that there is a fine line between pain and effort. Effort produces results. Pain is usually interpreted as a level where one reaches an intensity level at which one feels pain. Intense chronic or acute pain can be debilitating physically and mentally, and is not necessary for success.

Fitness Questions


Answer: Unfortunately fatty deposits around the knee are often genetic. Watching your diet is very important to help you lose unwanted weight, which will help this area slightly. Aerobic exercise is great for the legs. Vary your aerobic workouts through the use of different cardiovascular machines, aerobic classes, and cycle classes. Cross training with weights is also beneficial to the order generic cialis legs. Particularly the leg extension can help reduce this fat and build more shapely muscle in the legs. Just remember: do what you can but don’t obsess about it.

ANSWER: There are a couple different things you can do to remedy this dissatisfaction with your thighs. Three to five times a week do 30 – 45 minutes of non-stop aerobic activity. This could include brisk walking, uphill hiking, cycling, swimming, aerobics classes, cycle classes, or any other aerobic exercise. You can also add in one or two days a week of weight lifting with your legs, concentrating on the front, back, and inside of your thighs. Machines like the leg press, leg extension, seated and laying leg curl, adductor, and butt blaster are good ones to try. Work with a weight that is heavy enough to fatigue your muscles in 16-20 repetitions. Work up to doing three sets of each exercise. If you have to quit before you can complete these sets and repetitions, then you need to lighten your weights. Eating healthy, lowfat foods is also a must when it comes to losing fat from your thighs. Keep on track with this program and order discount viagra don’t give up because of impatience. It will take time, but as you see the results it will be worth all the effort you’ve been putting forth!

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