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Nutrition Services

Do you need help developing better eating habits? Get the advice you need from a Registered Dietitian. The Weight Club offers one-on-one counseling and grocery store tours.

Topics for discussion include but are not limited to:

Sports Nutrition: Discuss sports specific nutritional strategies to maximize your performance gains, pharmacy improve recovery and order generic viagra get the most out of each workout. This may include periodized nutrition to help you optimize your nutrition during specific seasons of training. 

Meal Planning: Implement strategies to help save time, cheapest money and stress in the kitchen. This includes resources to identify healthy recipes, stretch your grocery store budget and stock your pantry with healthy eating essentials. 

Cooking Tips and Instructions: Delicious meals don’t have to be complicated! Learn how to balance taste and health in the kitchen while cleaning up your favorite recipes.

Food Choices for Fitness Goals: Discuss your general health, wellness or weight loss goals and the intricate role nutrition can play in achieving them.

Specialty Diets: Learn more about specialty diets including but not limited to: diabetes management, heart health, management of food allergies, gluten-free eating, and vegetarian/vegan diets.

  • Level 1

  • $40
  • Price per 60 minute session for members paying on account

  • Level 2

  • $45
  • Price per 60 minute session for members NOT paying on account

Meet our Registered Dietitian: Kristen Chang, MS, RDN

Kristen Chang

Kristen Chang, founder and owner of Real Food For Fuel, LLC, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and competitive endurance athlete dedicated to helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve optimal well-being and fitness through balanced nutrition, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Kristen is committed to providing safe, effective, evidence-based nutrition services for health, fitness, and athletic performance. She lives by the philosophy that food is a form of nourishment and life and that progress is about meeting people where they are now and promoting sustainable lifestyle changes rather than setting unrealistic expectations of attaining that non-existent “perfect” diet.

Whether your focus is weight loss, improving performance and energy, or managing a health condition, Kristen’s expert insight and personal attention will help you overcome obstacles, optimize your nutrition, and achieve your goals!
  • 2010 Virginia Tech: B.S. in Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise: Dietetics
  • 2010 Virginia Tech: M.S. in Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise: Nutrition Education & Behavior
  • 2012 Virginia Tech Dietetic Internship: Northern Virginia Campus